Which non metal is a good conductor?

Which non-metal is a good conductor of electricity?

Answer: Graphite is a good conductor of electricity. Graphite, a non metal which is good conductor of electricity


Graphite contains only carbon atoms. Carbon atoms has 4 Valence electrons( outermost electrons).Each carbon atom links to 3 neighboring carbon atoms by single covalent bond leaving fourth electron free. Thus the free electron is able to conduct electricity in graphite. Carbon atoms are covalently bonded to each other.

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Graphite(Carbon) is the only non metal which is good conductor of electricity.

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Detailed article

Graphite is a conducting material made up of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice structure. This unique arrangement of atoms gives graphite the remarkable property of being an exceptionally good conductor of electricity. It makes it ideal for use in many electronic applications.

Its Structural Makeup Makes Graphite a Good Conductor.

The crucial factor that makes graphite a great conductor is its structural makeup. Graphite’s hexagonal lattice structure allows it to conduct the electric current in both directions, which enables the electrons to move freely in an orderly fashion with minimal resistance. This allows graphite to carry even small amounts of electricity almost effortlessly, making it an ideal material for electronics.

Its Layered Structure is Responsible for Its High Conductivity.

Graphite’s layered structure is what makes it such an efficient conductor of electricity. The carbon atoms in graphite are stacked together in layers with each atom having three bonds, forming a hexagonal mesh. The layers themselves are held together by weak van der Waals forces, allowing the electrons to move relatively freely within the material, thus leading to its high electrical conductivity. This property makes it perfect for creating components for electronics such as transistors, capacitors and resistors, amongst other applications.

It Has Interesting Electron Mobility Properties.

Not only does graphite have an efficient lattice structure that allows electrons to move freely within it, but its electron mobility is also very interesting. Graphite exhibits linear electron mobility where the speed of the electrons increases linearly with the strength of the electric field applied. This makes graphite ideal for applications requiring a high level of conductivity for electronic components.

Graphite Used in Different Industries as an Electrical Conductor.

Graphite is highly valued as an electrical conductor in both commercial and industrial applications. It is used in numerous industries including automotive, telecommunications, manufacturing, medical devices, defense and more. As a strong and lightweight conductor of electricity, it has great utility for powering various systems ranging from sensors to high-powered motors. Additionally, graphite is able to function at extreme temperatures and so it can be used in the aerospace industry for instruments that need to withstand the conditions.

Advanced Tools Are Used to Create Better Types of Graphite  for Improved Performance.

Graphite’s high performance is made possible through advanced manufacturing techniques, such as meso-level processing. This is a type of high technology process that involves using precision tools like nanoscale diamond cutters to shape the graphite into an exceptional conductor. The ultra-fine control over the size and shape of the graphite results in superior electrical conduction, meaning it can be used for more extreme applications than conventionally processed graphite. Additionally, with this device level processing, manufacturers can customize the properties of their conductors for specific applications.

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