PPT 4.4 Intermolecular forces

PPT 4.4 Intermolecular forces has the following keywords: London (dispersion) forces, instantaneous dipole, induced dipole, van der Waals’ forces, dipole-dipole interactions, hydrogen bonding, intramolecular, intermolecular,tetrahedral

This PPT 4.4 Intermolecular forces aligns with the IB Diploma Chemistry Guide. It covers the past paper questions on this subtopic.

Objectives: This PPT enables the students to apply their learning of structure and chemical formula to deduce the types of intermolecular force present in chemical species. To explain the physical properties of covalent compounds like volatility, electrical conductivity and solubility in terms of their structure and intermolecular and intramolecular forces.

Guidance: The students often confuse about the use of the term London forces and Van der Waals’. You should use the term London forces for instantaneous and induced dipoles between any non polar atoms or groups of atoms. The term “van der Waals” is applicable for dipole–dipole, dipole-induced dipole and London forces together.

Intermolecular forces, Hydrogen bonding, Covalent bonding, Water

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