4.1 Ionic bonding and structure

4.1 Ionic bonding and structure has the following keywords: Electrovalent, Cation, Anion, Ionic Bond, Electron Affinity, Lattice Enthalpy, Polyatomic Ion,Electrostatic,Crystalline

This PPT 4.1 Ionic bonding and structure aligns with the IB Diploma Chemistry Guide. It covers the past paper questions on this subtopic.

Objectives: This PPT enables the students to apply their learning to deduce the formula and name of an ionic compound from its constituent ions. They can apply the understanding to use the polyatomic ions in writing the formula and name. The students can discuss the physical properties of ionic compounds like volatility, electrical conductivity and solubility.

Guidance: Students should know the polyatomic ions like ammonium ion, Phosphate ion, hydroxide ion, nitrate ion, hydrogen carbonate and carbonate, sulphate ion and ethanoate ion.

Ionic compound, Water, Bonding,Crystalline, Solubility,Structure,Lattice
Sodium chloride

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