PPT 4.3 Covalent structures

PPT 4.3 Covalent structures aligns with the IB Diploma Chemistry Guide. It covers the past paper questions on this subtopic.

Objectives: This PPT 4.3 Covalent structures enables the students to apply their learning to deduce the Lewis structure of molecules and ions.

The Lewis structure should show all valence electrons for up to four electron pairs on each bonded atom.

The students can predict the electron domain geometry and the molecular geometry for species with two, three and four electron domains with the help of VSEPR means Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion theory.

They can Predict the bond angles from molecular geometry and presence of lone pairs of electrons.

The students can Predict the molecular polarity from bond polarity and molecular geometry of molecules.

They can deduce the resonance structures of molecules and ions like benzene, carbonate ion etc.

The students can explain the properties of giant covalent compounds on the basis of their giant structures.

Guidance: The students should use the term “electron domain”. The students can use the electron dots or crosses or dashes etc to show electron pairs in Lewis structure.

The students should know about the Allotropes of carbon like diamond, graphite, graphene, buckminsterfullerene. The y should also know the giant structure of silicon dioxide.

They should also cover the concept of the Coordinate covalent bonds.

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