IBDP chemistry Experiment on Titration

IBDP chemistry Experiment on Titration

To find the concentration of a solution of Hydrochloric acid(HCl), using a 0.25 mole/dm3 solution of Sodium carbonate as the standard solution.


1. Prepare  0.25 mole/dm3 sodium carbonate solution by measuring required mass of sodium carbonate solid using mass balance and dissolve in required amount of water.

Measure 25cm3 of the sodium carbonate solution into a conical flask, using a pipette. Add a few drops of Methyl Orange indicator. Record the color.

Pour the acid into a 50 cm3 burette. Record the level.

2. Drop the acid slowly into the conical flask. Keep shaking/swirling the flask. Stop adding acid once the color changes to red.

Record the new level and repeat the same point 1 and 2.

2HCl(aq) + Na2 CO3(aq) 2NaCl (aq) + H2O(l)+CO2

Use the balanced chemical equation to determine the mole ratio and calculate the concentration of HCl solution.

C1V1 = C2V2 MultiplyC2V2 by 2 to take mole ratio into account as

2HCl(aq) : 1 Na2 CO3(aq)

If you donot change the volume unit into dm3 , the answer will not have any impact because both sides the same units are there however its good to convert the units.

Please comment on your experience in doing the IBDP chemistry Experiment on Titration. Experiments helps in IB DP chemistry Internal assessments. You should complete the mandatory experiments.

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