1.3 The Reacting masses and volumes

1.3 The Reacting masses and volumes has following keywords: Limiting Reactant,Avogadro’s Law,Standard temperature,Standard Pressure ,molar gas volume,Ideal Gas,Concentration, titration,Equivalence point

This PPT of subtopic PPT 1.3 Reacting masses and volumes aligns with the IB Diploma Chemistry Guide. It covers the past paper questions on this subtopic.

Objectives: This Page enables the students to apply their learning to solve the questions of reacting quantities, limiting and excess reactants, theoretical, experimental and percentage yields. They can use Avogadro’s law to solve problems of reacting volumes of gases. They can use ideal gas equation to solve problems. They can explain the deviation of real gases from ideal behaviour at low temperature and high pressure. They can use the titration method to calculate the unknown concentration of any solution by using a standard solution.

Guidance: You can find the Values for the molar volume of an ideal gas the in latest IB chemistry data booklet in section 2 along with the ideal gas equation and the value of the gas constant.

Titration,solution, concentration,1.3 The Reacting masses and volumes

Can you determine the limiting reactant and calculate the mass of magnesium oxide formed in the reaction?

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