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Amazon offers a wide range of chemistry-related items, including glassware, chemicals, safety equipment, lab equipment, molecular models, books, software, educational toys and kits, and 3D printing materials.

Glassware items like beakers, flasks, test tubes, graduated cylinders, stirring rods, pipettes, burettes, and funnels are essential for carrying out experiments and measuring volumes in a laboratory setting.

Chemicals such as acids, bases, salts, indicators, solvents, and reagents are necessary for conducting experiments and reactions in a lab.

Safety equipment like gloves, goggles, lab coats, face shields, and respirators are crucial for protecting lab personnel and ensuring safe experiments.

Lab equipment including balances, centrifuges, hot plates, stirrers, shakers, and incubators are used to perform various experiments in a lab setting.

Molecular models, available as kits and sets, allow for the building and visualization of complex molecular structures.

Books on chemistry include textbooks, reference books, and popular science books on various topics.

Software products like molecular modeling software and data analysis software can assist in the analysis of chemical structures and data.

Educational toys and kits like chemistry sets and crystal growing kits can help introduce children to the world of chemistry



Safety equipment:

Lab equipment:

Molecular models:


Educational toys and kits:

The Magic School Bus – Chemistry Lab:

Thames & Kosmos Chem C3000 (Advanced Chemistry Set):

National Geographic Mega Crystal Growing Lab:

3D printing materials:

Gizmo Dorks 1.75mm PLA Filament for 3D Printing:

Solutech Real Black 3D Printer Filament:

HATCHBOX PLA 3D Printer Filament:

Purchase Whole set of PPT here or you can study directly free of cost here

Recommended Resources.

Books: Chemistry for the IB Diploma by Hodder

Chemistry Study guide for the IB Diploma by Oxford

Chemistry Course book for the IB Diploma by Oxford

Chemistry Educational Aids :

My Chemistry Lab

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