Sulphur Criss Cross Puzzle to support How to introduce a topic?

How to introduce a topic interestingly?

Lesson Introduction:

You need to keep the teaching fresh and exciting, so it is important to know, How to introduce a topic interestingly? Use new strategy. Make a crossword puzzle or find the one in your school library. What is the word-cross puzzle? How to make it? Such questions may be coming to your way. I am giving you the sample and Do It Yourself way.

I have given Few examples from chemistry here. You can make it yourself and easily. You search the internet, make a list of keywords which you find important about your teaching topic. You can now search the web and find many free online puzzle making platform. Use your keywords to be used for doing a puzzle. I used following alkali metal keywords for making the alkali metal puzzle as follows:






Alkali Metals

I know not all teachers have internet and printing facility but believe me you can still use this resource in your class. I hope you can have graph paper in your school or these are easily available. Arrange your keywords in different pattern in the graph boxes and than randomly fill other empty boxes by any alphabets. Your puzzle is ready to be used. 

Another type of puzzle.      

Sulphur and its compounds

Sulphur Criss Cross Puzzle.


1.It’s a compound ion of sulphur. 

5.It’s an element. 

6. It is a combustion product of sulphur.

7. It’s the name of the process of making sulphuric acid.


1.It’s a negative ion of sulphur.  

2.How you make sulphuric acid?

3.It’s sour in taste.

4. It’s king of chemicals.

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Hope you are now aware and know How to introduce a topic interestingly? Similarly you can prepare more puzzles on various topics and keep your students engaged.

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