First step to be a successful teacher

First step to be a successful teacher

In this guide, Starting from First step to be a successful teacher, you will find all aspect of teaching towards the goal of becoming a successful teacher. I thought to share my experience with fellow teachers in a talking language, so it reaches too far places. Hopefully this series of articles can bring some change to teaching-learning process and it will improve educational standard of a class of any school.

I shared some teaching activities which I used and found very engaging in a class of any size and nature. Generally you can find numerous activities on the internet but not together which can guide a teacher throughout the teaching week in right direction to become a successful teacher.

So, if you are a beginner and decided to make teaching your career, or you just want to explore, this series is equally helpful for any teacher.

Are you excited or nervous? Do not be either.

This series is a guaranteed help to make your beginning lucky. I suggest you keep a notebook and a pen handy to work as suggested.

The first question arises here “Which subject are you going to teach?”

Please write down your subject. 

Do you have syllabus of the subject you are going to teach? If you do not have curriculum guide, please stop reading this book. Go and get the syllabus first and start reading the book.

Now you have the syllabus; please read the syllabus casually for once. Start the first topic to read carefully and note down in the notebook. Do you find topics familiar or they are new to you?

No matter if these topics are new to you. This generation of students’ can find knowledge anywhere from the internet to a library, and you cannot substitute this knowledge ocean.

The biggest mistake most teachers do is showcasing or try to showcase their knowledge to the students.

Please, do not make this error.

After, First step to be a successful teacher, continue reading with the next step.

How to Introduce a topic?

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