How to prepare for the first Lesson?

In this step, I will tell you, “How to prepare for the first Lesson?”

Most successful teachers engage students during the lesson(period) by selecting appropriate strategy for the particular topic.

You must identify the topic now, and the question must be troubling you “How to start?”

You should not worry because you have already taken the right step by reading the book.

Once you identify the topic to teach, you must start looking the content of the topic. Where should you look for the content? You may use textbooks or the internet for the content help. You need to think now “How to engage students, so they do not get time to think about you” Wait I am not telling you verbally or lecturing you but will show you, how?

Suppose you are going to teach “sulphur and its compounds” Oh my God this is a very technical topic, what to do?  Make keywords list and note down in your notebook.  

Now look for any material or resources available may be old magazines or newspapers as per your keywords list. Can you find some useful picture related to uses of sulphur or its compounds? 

If not try to find the same on the internet. Similarly, you can find some useful resources either on the internet or in newspapers or magazines for your subject and topic. 

If you do not find anything except textbook, prepare a list of key questions on the topic from the book. Write these questions in your notebook.

What will I do with these questions? You have already prepared for the lesson. Am I kidding? No, not at all.

You are going to use these questions to engage the students. How? 

Once you enter the class, greet the students but do not expect the same. If you do not get greetings in return, it is ok. Take it easy. Introduce yourself and just not jump to get an introduction to students. You may end up in chaos. Just after introduction, start your teaching-learning process.

Start with 2 minutes brainstorming session on the topic by asking open-ended questions like what is sulphur? What is Sulphur dioxide? What do you know about sulphuric acid? These are examples from chemistry, but you can use questions from your subjects and topics. 

Never ask yes or no questions. Your questions must be thought provoking and open. You have already won the first battle. Now based on the responses divide the students into 3 or four groups to work in groups. Ask the first question from your list by writing on the board or from your slide of the power point presentation. Ask your students to have the textbook and find out the answer.

Keep in mind that you should not be predictable about your strategy which will keep your students at attentive mode always and teaching and learning will be fresh and exciting. Hopefully you are now aware about How to prepare for the first Lesson?

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