IB Past paper questions on Ionic bond

IB Past paper questions on Ionic bond

The following IB past paper questions are on ionic bond topic and should be done along with the topic.

1.       Name the formula of the compound formed by calcium and nitrogen?

A.      CaN                     B.      Ca2N    C.      Ca2N3                  D.      Ca3N2         

2.       Element X is in group 2, and element Y in group 7, of the periodic table. Which ions will be present in the compound formed when and Y react together?

A.      X+ and Y                B.      2+ and Y   

C.      X+ and Y2–               D.      X2– and Y+       

3.  What happens when sodium and oxygen react together?

A.      Each sodium atom gains one electron.     B.      Each sodium atom loses one electron.

C.      Each oxygen atom gains one electron.     D.      Each oxygen atom loses one electron.    

4. Which one has the lowest electrical conductivity?

A.      Cu(s)                        B.      Hg(l)

C.     H2(g)                        D.     LiOH(aq)                                                                         

5.  Which statement is true for many ionic compounds?

A.      They contain elements of similar electronegativity.  

B.      They conduct electricity in the solid state.    

C.      They are coloured.     

D.      They have high melting and boiling points. 

6.  Which Metal fluoride is the most ionic?

A.      NaF                         B.      CsF

C.      MgF2                       D.      BaF2              

7.  Which statement is  correct explaination of electron loss in this reaction?

2Al + 3S —-> Al2S3

A. Each aluminium atom loses 2 electrons.

B. Each aluminium atom loses 3  electrons.

C. Each sulfur atom loses 2 electrons. 

D.Each sulfur atom loses 3 electrons.                             

8.   Select the formula for an ionic compound formed between an element, X, from group 2 and an element, Y, from group 6?

A.      XY                           B.      X2Y

C.      XY2                         D.      X2Y6  

9. Select the correct name of Na2SO4?
A. potassium sulphate
B. Rhodium sulphate
C. Sodium sulfate
D. Sodium sulfite

10. Select the formula of Potassium nitrate?
C. K3N

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