What are the IB Requirements for a Diploma?

Are you considering getting an IB Diploma? Find out what it takes and how to get started with this guide to IB requirements for diploma.
If you’re considering getting an IB Diploma, you’ll need to know what it takes to meet the necessary requirements. From prerequisite courses and examinations to extra-curricular activities and more, this guide has everything you need to understand the IB requirements for diploma.

Application to the Program
Before you can start working toward an IB Diploma, you must be acceptedinto a program that follows International Baccalaureate standards. The application process typically involves submitting personal information, high school transcripts and test scores, teacher recommendations, and samples of your previous academic work.

Completion of 6 Subjects Spanning Different Disciplines
To earn an IB Diploma, students must complete a minimum of six academic subjects and the Core Curriculum. These must include one subject from each of the following categories: Studies in Language and Literature; Language Acquisition; Individuals and Societies; Sciences; Mathematics; and The Arts. Students may also take courses outside of these categories as they advance their academic goals.

Successful Completion of Theory of Knowledge Course
One of the main requirements for an IB Diploma is successful completion of the Theory of Knowledge course. The course helps students to think critically, logically, and reflectively about knowledge in different subjects and from different perspectives. It consists of both a written essay and an oral presentation of topics related to knowledge given by the student during the academic year.

Satisfactory completion of the Extended Essay
Another main requirement for an IB Diploma is the successful completion of an Extended Essay. It’s a 4,000-word essay on any topic related to one of the six prescribed subjects that the student chooses for their IB studies. The essay must include research and be written in compliance with IB guidelines. This is a crucial part of an IB Diploma and the students should be well prepared before starting to write it.

Satisfactory completion of Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) program
As part of the IB Diploma requirements, students must participate in the Creativity Activity and Service (CAS) program. This is a process designed to help you develop cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills outside of academic learning. It helps expand your worldview, build values such as respect for diversity, compassion towards others and commitment to service. This can be fulfilled through a variety of activities like volunteering in your community or taking on special projects.

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