Impure Substance or Mixture

Impure substance or Mixture has two or more than two types of substances. Example: Mixtures

The Mixture: The Mixture is the physical combination of two or more types of substances.

Example: Air is a mixture of gases, dust particles and water vapour.

Types of Mixtures

Homogeneous Mixture:

Homo means equal, thus such mixture contains equal distribution of particles. We cannot see particles of such mixture by naked eyes. All solutions are Homogeneous mixtures.

Example : Acid solutions, Salt solution etc

What is a solution?

Solution is a combination of solute and solvent.

Solute: substance with smaller amount in a solution.

Solvent: substance with larger amount in a solution.

Example: If Sulphuric acid is dissolved in water, sulphuric acid is a solute and water is a solvent.

Heterogeneous Mixture:

Hetero means unequal, such mixture contain unequal distribution of particles and we can see the particles either by naked eyes or microscope.

Example: colloid and suspension

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