Important Questions on Fuels


Important Questions on Fuels. You are supposed to go through your textbook and solve the following questions.Energetics is the study of energy sources and their transformations, including conservation of energy principles. In this article, we will explore important questions related to fuels from energetics, such as what are fuels and how are they created? We will also discuss the various types of fuels, their uses and applications, and the effects of using certain types of fuel over another.

1.What is a good fuel?

2. Which chemical reaction takes place in burning of a fuel? Give an example and equation.

3. What are fossil fuels? Give three example. Why do we use word fossil in relation to petroleum?

4. How is coal formed? Which type of coal contains largest percentage of carbon?

5. What is the factor which decides the different types of coal formation?

6. Sun is the ultimate source of energy. Why do we say that?

7. Hydrocarbons are organic compounds. What are hydrocarbons? Explain the meaning of organic.

8. What is crude oil? How do we get different products from crude oil?

9. What is simple distillation? How is it different from fractional distillation?

10. Draw the fractional distillation diagram of crude oil.

Hope you are able to solve Important Questions on Fuels.

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