Diploma chemistry guide 2019-2020

Latest IB Diploma chemistry guide


Latest IB Diploma chemistry guide is for the IB dp students from the 2016 first exams on wards till now.

It is highly recommended for Dp students to regularly go through Latest IB Diploma chemistry guide so that you are aware about the syllabus content which is coming in your exams. Students and teachers sometimes ignore the guide which lend them in a time wasting exercise. For example, earlier the working and structure of mass spectrometer was in IB diploma syllabus. Now it is not in syllabus. So if you are still preparing about the structure and working of mass spectrometer, you are wasting your time. Only the % abundance of isotopes is in syllabus now. 

So to avoid this situation, you should go through the chemistry guide. The chemistry guide is also helpful to understand the IA criteria in details and what is expected in IA. You can understand about all around the chemistry of IB diploma.

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